April 21, 2010


In life I have learned that we have to go through things in order to get through things.  But, sometimes those things seem unbearable to get through.  One thing I'm positive about is that you will never get ahead if you don't complete the first task completely.  That door has to be completely closed because it will continue to pull you back.  This all leads into forgiving and letting go.  You can't forgive a person and still harbor the same thoughts that weren't resolved because you decided that you weren't going to close that door.  Trust me you'll get to the next door but your mind will be on the first door.  People need closure.  A couple of days ago my bestfriend and I were discussing an incident that happened to me last year that almost caused me my life.  I was wheeled into an emergency surgery a day after giving birth to my baby.  I was bleeding internally because a major artery was punctured.  The one time to find out if someone feelings are genuine for you is through illness, trouble, and time of need.  I remember those who were there for me and are truly appreciative for that.  But, I also remember who wasn't there for me more.  Yet in still, I am truly thankful for them not being their because what it did was confirm that they weren't in my corner from the beginning.  But,today I let it go and by me speaking on it, I am getting the closure that I needed at this very moment and it actually feels good.  Thank you guys so much for your support by reading my blog and I welcome all comments.

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