April 27, 2010

Behinds The Walls Of The Obamas

I was sent some pictures via email of the Obama family.  These pictures speak a thousand unspoken words in my mind.  Come on readers let's keep it real.  Aren't you just a little curious of what actually goes down behind the walls of the white house.  I know that I am.  Well, you guys are in luck.  I have some exclusive!

On the picture posted above Michelle is thinking OMG he is half white.  Look how he dances. 

Now look at this one.  You remember when you were a kid and your mother told you not to do something and you still did it.  But, you guys were out in public so you would get the look.  I know you guys remember the look.  Check out this one below.

See, Michelle giving the tight smile but speaking through clenched teeth.  This is what she's saying.  "I'm going to kick your ass as soon as we get in the house.  I told you not to wear them colorful bracelets.  Especially, since the big write up on Oprah for what they signify"

Here's the one we all want to know.  Is Obama tapping that?  I'm not going to say anything.  But, you be the judge of this one.  Keep looking.  Fellas pick your bottom lip up and stop drooling on the keyboard.

Need I say anymore.  Did they really have to take a picture of her ass though.  Jeesh.  It's the first lady for heaven's sake.  But, you definitely know Obama is putting his thing down in the infamous "Oval Office".  Bill Clinton put that room on the map so there is no half stepping in the "Oval Office:".  OMG I just had an ephinany.  Imagine this in the "Oval Office" 

I guess what happens in the Oval Office stays in the Oval Office.  But, check out how Obama kisses Michelle on this picture.

Uh Huh, He is kissing her like it is going down, baby.  See that's how you think when you have a black president or maybe no sex life.  Anyhow, check out how all of that goes out the door when you see our first lady's reaction on this clipping. Click on this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JmPMdOABQo
Michele is like wait to we get back to this white house and put the kids in their rooms.  It's on.  He forgot that he may be half white but, Michelle is all black and us sistas don't play that dance with my man crap.

Thanks you guys for supporting my blog and please don't take any of this personal.  I love our president and these flicks make me love the Obamas more.  Stay blessed people.

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