April 15, 2010


I wanted to write this post about young girls growing up too fast.  It is so crazy how these girls talk, dress, and carry themselves.  Sometimes, I just want to take them to the side and tell them that they should enjoy these young years that they have now and not to rush it. I'm quite sure we all have our share of  "what growing up too fast can do to you" .  I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some horrible results of growing up too fast. 
I remember when I was 13 yrs old just starting 7th grade at Strawberry Mansion. The night before I spent hours prepping for my grand entrance to Junior High school.  My Gucci Sneakers were fresh, Coca Cola shirt pressed, and Guess Jeans extra tight.  You couldn't tell me I wasn't the next best thing to strawberry icecream.  I developed my first crush on a sophmore that actually should've graduated by the time that I came along but, it didn't matter to me because he was fine.  This is when light skinned brothers were in high demand.  Needless, to say that my grandmother put a stop to that before it even started.  There was always that very group of fly girls in everyone's school, neighborhood, or family that we admired as a child.  I won't use real names because it doesn't matter.  But, I will give ending results.  There was a girl around my way whom godmother so happened to be my cousin's friend goddaughter.  I'm not gay but I  would only be hating if I didn't say that she was beautiful.  She had a nice figure and all the guys wanted her.  It wasn't until I graduated high school and began to hang out with her.  She didn't have a job nor was she a street pharmacist.  But, that summer at the county fair I would learn how she obtained her costly living.  She prostituted herself to big time drug dealers.  This was in 1993 and my first summer since I graduated high school.  Her and I stopped hanging out because she started mingling with a few people that I would consider cancerous.  By 2007 I was informed that she turned into a heroin addict and nearly died 2(x)'s from a drug overdose.   She did eventually get herself clean and now she is a reborn Christian.  Another friend of mine was dating a bigtime drug dealer and he spoiled her to death.  We were in the 12th grade at different schools.  Her boyfriend would let her hold his BMW and shower her with all type of expensive gifts.  Next thing you know swat team is banging on her door.  The house had all type of drugs in there. Who do you think was charged with the case and who do you think didn't bail her out?  Exactly, you see she was so fast to grow up and very naive.  This decision caused her her own freedom.  It wasn't worth it in the end at all.  Last incident that I am going to share is about a girl fly as I don't know what but, very promiscuous.  Her reputation overshadowed her appearance.  When were in 10th grade this chick was bedding grown ass men.  She was always cautious when it came to protecting her hurt but careless when it came to protecting her health.  I hate to say it but she is now living with full blown AIDS. I haven't seen her for myself but, from old mutual friends I heard that she wasn't doing good.
Okay, I shared a few stories and could possibly give you a hundred more stories regarding this topic.  I encourage you to share this story with mothers of teenagers or anyone that you feel is growing up too fast.  Again, I thank you for the support of this blog and wish you many blessings.  Peace.

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