April 22, 2010

Things That We Do On Facebook Out of Boredom

Have you ever noticed that alot of dumb things we do are out of boredom?  I know that when I am bored I do some crazy unthinkable things.  For one, I started this blog.  But, I am meeting alot of different people so that isn't a bad thing.  As I am sitting here indulging in one of my favorite reality television shows I thought of some of the top ten things that we do when we are bored.  Check below to see if we share the same vices.

  1. Checking Facebook status or notifications.  I know god darn well I am not the only person that check their status constantly.  If you do this more than once you are clearly bored.
  2. Look at former classmates or co-workers facebook pictures.  It's boring as hell but, bunk it I'm nosey.
  3. Check other people friend list to see how many friends that you have in common.
  4. Curse the monitor after reading other facebooker's post.  Facebook has the most non-spelling and no sense having members.
  5. Decipher people status meanings if I know them.  That really isn't a smart thing to do because someone always think that negative post have something to do with them.
  6. Search all of your boyfriend/girlfriend alias names to see if they have a facebook account.
  7. Join all types of dumb ass groups that doesn't make any sense.
  8. Play stupid games such as Sorrority Life or Mafia Wars.
  9. Check to see who's on line and instant message them over and over again.  That is so annoying. 
  10. Last but not least, read 1-9 on this post because either you were bored when you decided to read all of this or simply don't have a life @ all
Thank you guys so much for supporting my blog and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

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