April 13, 2011

Celebrities That Been Caught With Transsexuals Other Than Mister Cee and Keyshia Cole's Mother, Frankie Reason For Being Arrested

Now with the DJ Mister Cee story on rapid replay, more stories are coming out about other celebrities caught with transsexuals. First of all, if you get caught more than once you aren't sneaking. Simply because you know the whole aftermath of being caught in them waters. So you will tread cautiously when swimming with the fish.
The Transsexuals have their own "Super head aka Karrine Stephans" vixen named, Sidney Starr. However, she isn't a transsexual. But, she is a transgender. For Those of you who aren't familiar with Sidney Starr listen closely as I give you a brief bio on this man/chic. Sidney Starr is a trangender whom is known for allegedly having relations with St.Louis rapper, Chingy. Not only Chingy but, allegedly Soldier Boy Tell 'em isn't telling it all either.
Check out this interview regarding Chingy. This is an old video.

But, now I want you to check out this beauty. You'll never guess what rapper was allegedly with this one unknowingly. I can definitely see why.
Bow-Wow will be the victim of this tragedy. Allegedly in November of last year he aught with a tranny named Nadia, in a result of a one night stand. One of Nadia's friends leaked the story to many gossip blogs.

Earlier this week the news hit that Keyshia Cole's mother, Frankie Lon was arrested for violating her parole. Well, it was rumored that she failed a drug test. According to Frankie's Publicist this is false. Cherry BaƱez, Frankie’s publicist, sent a statement to SANDRAROSE.COM that says that Frankie was arrested because she missed an appointment with her probation officer because she was in rehab.

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