April 17, 2011

Nicholas Cage Lays His Smack Down, Teyanna Exposes Writing For The Willow Smith Via Twitter, and Civil Rights Leader, Jesse Jackson Is Accused Of Terminating An Employee Based On Sexual Preference

I am uncertain as of now as to where this fits in as hot gossip. However, my site, my juice, my sharing. Former Sweet Sixteen reality star, Teyana Taylor thought it was important for everyone to know that she write allegedly writes for Willow Smith. Two Text within a 3 hour time frame were sent via twitter stating the contents below.

Lunch @ Tiffany & Co. then headed to the stu to finish writing these songs for Willow Smith! :)
Mon Apr 11 2011 11:03:30 (Pacific Daylight Time) via web
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Day two in the stu still, writing these hits for Willow Smith :)
Sun Apr 10 2011 19:34:28 (Pacific Daylight Time) via Twitter for BlackBerry®
I know that I'm no music guru. But, I am almost positive that it isn't a good idea for a songwriter to expose that they're the genius behind the voice before the song makes the album. Mary Had A Little Lamb was never revealed that it was written by Big Bird, first. But, you're hearing first from Only Rocky.
According to Bossip and TMZ broke ass, Nicholas Cage caught a domestic abuse charge in New Orleans. Allegedly, he was “very drunk” on the streets on the streets of New Orleans when a cab driver saw him loudly arguing with his wife. Again, Allegedly, the cabbie called the police and said in addition to the screaming and yelling … he saw Nic push her. Here goes that word again, Allegedly, the police came and Nicholas told them “Why don’t you just arrest me?” The cops then ordered the couple to go home. But, face off just couldn't leave it that and played the dare game again.
At that point, police took Nic into custody and he was charged with …domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. That's a real sissy charge. I hope that he doesn't tell anyone what he's in there for.
According to this article by The BV Staff, Jessie Jackson is being accused of terminating an employee because of his sexual orientation. Please read the article below that again was posted by The Black Voices Staff.

A former employee of civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. has filed a discrimination complaint with Chicago's Commission on Human Rights, alleging that he was harassed by colleagues and by Jackson himself, and was terminated from his job at Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition based on his sexual orientation.
The complaint was filed against Jackson and Rainbow PUSH in early 2010 by Tommy R. Bennett, 55, an openly gay Chicago man who is known for past appearances on The Tom Joyner Morning Show where fans know him as "Aruba Tommy."

Well. there you have it. I thank you all for visiting and encourage you to stop back. May you be blessed abundantly...peace!!

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