April 12, 2011

50 Cents Come To DJ Mister Cee's Defense, Usher's Cougar Is Wilding Out On Employees, Frankie Lon Arrested For Hot Urine, Phaedra's Husband, Apollo From Atlanta Housewives Arrested For Looking Suspect

Surprisingly Hip-Hop Mogul, 50cents is speaking up in Mister Cee's behalf. I'm positive that if you keep up with Urban Gossip you are well aware of DJ Mister Cee being caught with his pants down literally. Except this being caught were by the boys in blue uniforms and private zone in another man's mouth. Apparently, not only Funkmaster Flex is annoyed with the ridiculing of the famous deejay. 50Cents gave a brief interview on Gossip Blog Miss Info regarding the topic. Read below. I'm sorry but, he took me by a storm because this can't possibly be the over confident, arrogant, hip-hop bully speaking on such a sensitive subject. I definitely have a new level of respect for him. Because at the end of the day it isn't anyone place to judge him. Press the play button to check out the interview.

Rumor has it Usher is seeing a new chic. Apparently, publicly they are labeling it as his gal pal. But, she appears to be a lot older than he is. The alleged cougar go by the name of Grace Miguel. She is a 43-year-old former Def Jam executive who acts as the hip-hop artist’s co-manager, stylists and is urging her beau to clear out staff including stylists horeographers and tour managers and replace them with her people, an insider says.
Usher’s longtime agent, Mark Cheatham of CAA is the first victim of his much older girlfriend. Usher, 32, started his career with Cheatham and introduced him to teen sensation Justin Bieber, whom he currently represents. As of now, no details are given for the departure but allegedly Cheatham is requesting for people to speak with his publicist when questioned. All i can say is "You Got It Bad" in my Usher Raymond's voice.
Allegedly, recording artist, Keyshia Coles's mother is in trouble with the law again. It's no secret that Frankie Lons isn't a stranger to law enforcement from America's first viewing of her on Keyshia Coles's reality show. According to Media Takeout reports that Frankie Lons was recently arrested and taken to jail. Sources claim that she was locked up for testing positive for an illegal drug during a urine test from her parole officer.

There's no word on what the substance was, but Frankie is expected to stand before a judge today. If she is found to have violated the terms of her parole, then she faces two years in prison. Talk about hot piss, literally.
Looks like Phaedra from Housewives of Atlanta's husband, Apollo was arrested. This time he wasn't the suspect. However, he looked "suspect" in my How you doing voice. I'm just kidding. Check out false accusation according to TMZ written by Sonya Eskridge.
"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" hubby was pulled over and handcuffed in a case of mistaken identity. A rep for the US Marshalls said federal agents had already detained Apollo on Thursday afternoon when they figured out that they had the wrong guy.
pollo over because they thought he was a key player in a current investigation because he bears a "striking resemblance" to the actual suspect. Apollo was promptly let go when agents realized their mistake.
Neither Apollo nor Phaedra have publicly commented on the incident at this time.

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