April 19, 2011

Superhead Is Being Stalked By Eddie Winslow and Diddy Is Being Sued Because Of BodyGuards Beating Photographer Inside His Party

Well, Well, Well, Trouble in Super land. Unfortunately, Karrine Steffans has found out she was married to a stalker a little too late. Karrine Steffans-McCrary aka Superhead has not only once but filed another restraining against Carl Winslow’s son. First of all, who marrys Darius McCary. Although, he is nice eye candy. According to TMZ, it’s the latest TRO in a legal firestorm between Darius McCrary and his ex Karrine Steffans — according to the docs filed recently in L.A. County Superior Court, the actor began showing up at Karrine’s house unannounced in January … and it freaked Karrine out. Hey, she didn't get the nickname, "Superhead" for nothing. Close your mouths before flies get in it.
"Ain't No Party Like A Diddy Party And A Diddy Party Don't Stop"!!! Well, A Diddy Party doesn't stop until someone gets there a#@! kicked. You heard me right. Allegedly, Sean DIDDY Combs is being sued by a man in the ATL. According to the lawsuit, Jabari Tilgham claims he was beaten up at an after party thrown by the millionaire hype man. The 30 year old photographer says he was taking pictures of Diddy and other celebs at Club Mansion.
Okay, if Diddy parties are anything like they are rumored to be he got exactly what his butt deserved. That isn't nothing celebrities want out in the open. Hopefully, he will learn from this experience and not photograph a Little Richard Party. Tilgham says Diddy’s security crew started beating the guy back in October following the BET Awards. According to the lawsuit, a security guard at the club signed an affidavit confirming the beat down. See you even after sign off on ass whoopings.

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