April 26, 2011

The Man Behind The Letters

When I create a post I like to use many different resources for research.  Resources such as hot gossip sites, newspapers, popular magazines, straight from the horse's mouth, etc.  This I'm positive that other Bloggers do as well.  However, only certain stories peak my interest for me to give an whole post on my site.  Some of you may look at this as "glorification" of street life.  But, it isn't.  This is simply for you to know that everyone has a story and you can't judge the story by the look of it's cover.   A lot of you including myself believed that allegedly reputed JBM boss, Aaron Jones was a horrendous, monster without an ounce of passion for another human being.  Some even had in their mind that he was nothing but, an uneducated hoodlum without a conscious.  Today, I will tell you that it is a lie.  This man is a college graduate and from interviews and speaking with others he was highly intelligent.  First of all, let me inform you that a Blogger have a responsibility to stay bias regardless.  Again, I am not glorifying illegal events.  However, I encourage second chances.  I think that if God can forgive then we should pray to be more like him and practice "forgiveness".
I'm positive that a lot of you have read different articles about Aaron Jones in magazines like Don Diva and on websites such as Gorilla Convict or Panache Report.  Well, I'm going to post an article that is allegedly to be the interview that everyone wants posted below...
Aaron Jones Story 
He �s been called the �Black John Gotti,� not by his comrades or the people he did business with but by the people who were trying to crucify and execute him. Now there are a lot of young brothers out there (and sisters for that matter) who may think that being called the �Black John Gotti� is some kind of honor or �prop.� The reality is that this personification is what assisted in Aaron Jones receiving LIFE and DEATH from the United States of America. He�s alleged to be the founder of the �Junior Black Mafia� (J.B.M.). An organization that has been made out to be one of the most feared in the history of black organized crime in Philadelphia. Anybody and everybody living in Philly was talking about him and the J.B.M. during the mid 80�s and early 90�s. If you weren�t talking about them then you weren�t down. Everyone had their own version of things and most made it up as they went along but everyone agreed that; �They were not to be fucked with. The J.B.M. had Philly on lock.� According to the Philadelphia Crime Commission, Aaron Jones and his associates built the J.B.M. into a violent multi-million-dollar drug organization that controlled all of Philadelphia between 1985 and 1991.

According to the newspapers and other media: It is alleged that the J.B.M. was comprised of 50 members and had up to 300 associates that were responsible for the sale of 100 to 300 kilos of cocaine generating between $10 and $30 million dollars a month. The J.B.M. assets included plenty of money, mansions, luxury cars, furs, jewelry and weapons. The J.B.M. was also linked to 33 legitimate businesses, such as, auto detail shops, barbershops and restaurants. It was rumored that the members of the J.B.M. were young, well-connected, street smart waited for him, I tried to remember the points I wanted to discuss. 
Aaron is only allowed a two-hour visit, once every week, so I knew I had to get as much information as I could. Even though the plexi-glass was going to be between me and my interview subject, I couldn�t help being nervous. I just didn�t know what to expect when I met him. I must admit that even though I know better than to believe everything I read in the media, his reputation had me a little shook. From the way he has been portrayed and the method in which he is being kept prisoner, I anticipated him being wheeled out like Hannibal Lechter. After 30 minutes of waiting, Aaron was finally brought out. Without even saying a word, his energy calmed me down, he was not the monster people would have you believe. He had a peaceful vibe of a man that has come to terms with himself and his higher power.

AJ: �I appreciate your honesty, you couldn�t imagine what that means to a brother-

I can tell when somebody is keeping it real with me�For years I remained in a
passive mentality not wanting my voice to be heard because I know how cynical and pessimistic society is, especially when it comes to brothers like myself.  People contact me to try and quote me one way or another.  Knowing full well how I am perceived I felt it would be foolish on my part to say anything.  Regardless of how I came off they would twist it around to make me look bad.  I was not looked at as a man but as public enemy number one, a monster because of all the saturation of propaganda.�

Throughout Aaron�s several court cases he and his lawyer proclaimed racial discrimination and improprieties as well as his innocence in his capital murder case. Through here-say, snitch testimony, street informants, rumors, exaggerations and out and out lies, Aaron says that he was personified to represent what ills society-drugs and violence. It got so bad that every murder case that was unresolved during this period of time was put on the J.B.M. to further substantiate the J.B.M profile of drugs and violence. Stories were told and embellished upon to the point that the truth of events were no longer identifiable.

AJa bunch of frogs (snitches) trying to find a way out. So who is the top prize- ME! 
There was no other evidence in either case just hearsay evidence. I have no faith for justice in the judicial or should I say political system. I have come to terms with the lifestyle I chose years ago�My plight is a little different than most brothers, though all can make a claim of some racial injustice whether it is vindictive prosecutions, excessive prosecutions, disproportionate sentences or double jeopardy. A lot of the way we are treated in these processes is a result of our own naivete as a whole in our communities�I played no part in the capital murder�this brother will not be on bent knee trying to demonstrate a remorseful attitude to a system and to a society that never shows mercy itself and is built on tyranny and racial discrimination. I have a death sentence, sister, these people want to take me out under the premise that I was a Mafia boss. What�s ironic about that is that not one white (Italian) 
so-called Mafia figure has ever been placed on the row here in Pennsylvania, if not any where else.�

There is no doubt that Aaron is a true Don- not because he amassed millions, owned luxury cars, played the broads and lived �Ghetto Fabulous�, but because he has proven himself to be a man of character and integrity. There are many that would argue this point because of his alleged crimes. However, the fact is Aaron made a decision many years ago, based on whatever he was going through at the time, to play the GAME and he played by the rules of the GAME until the very end. The prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of former J.B.M. members. Under the Kingpin Statue 21 USC 848, Aaron was sentenced to mandatory Life and was required to forfeit $6.2 million.

AJ: I�ve come to terms with my life and take responsibility for my actions and

choices I made. I�m not going to blame the system, the environment�no one but myself� but I don�t accept everything that�s happened to me especially this unjust death sentence. 

Aaron is holding his head, dealing with his situation and making no excuses. He was indicted several times and never once did he cooperate with the government, even though his life was at stake.

AJ: As I sit on the row to me it was never an option to take the stand on my comrades. That never even came across my mind as an after-thought, you feel me! I take solace in the fact that all the comrades I broke bread with remained true. That�s why to this day all versions of our time have been diluted and fabricated...stories and lies from suckers who knew full well they had to step off when real brothers came on the set..

Being a victim of the snitch system, Aaron knew how the game worked. One of his associates, Frog Carson, told on him and Aaron�s own brother in-law was an FBI agent that was key in putting him away. For most weak-minded individuals, who get into the GAME for all the glory with no guts, this would have been enough to flip. Not Aaron!

AJ: �The game is to be sold not told,� this is something I heard a lot coming up. Truth be told you had to have someone�s blessing from the �first� to be introduced to the game.  There was a self-serving mentality that transcended down to later generation that bred a lot of those rats. In Philly I like to call them Frogs - they leap in bed with the feds. He conspires with them  telling infinite lies and ad-libbing as he goes along mixing up half truths to make himself sound believable.�

While serving three different sentences, Aaron is now on death row in a maximum-security prison, where he will remain until his execution. Aaron�s days and nights are very different from the lifestyle he was accustomed to on the street. Aaron is being held in the Restricted Housing Unit. 
hustlers with a no-nonsense approach to their business. It wasn�t until the guns began firing and the bodies began to drop that they began making newspaper headlines. The local gossips said the J.B.M. was in business 2 years, quietly amassing millions, before a local federal task force was formed to bring them down. 

�Get Down or Lay Down�- simply put: join them or be killed-was their motto according to police. This was used to headline many stories done on Aaron Jones and the J.B.M. by the media and used by the prosecution to further substantiate their claim of unscrupulous violence. 

AJ: The motto �Get down or lay down� is the police motto coming from suckers on the streets. No one ever went around telling people that or giving this ultimatum. 

By 1989 the government associated 25 murders with the JBM. It was rumored that many of the alleged victims of the J.B.M. were rival dealers and anyone who �played� with their money. The rumors about their violent tactics soured; if you skimmed off the top, if you tried to become independent, if you threatened their business in anyway you were �dealt� with. The J.B.M. had become so feared that survivors of alleged assassination attempts refused to testify against them in fear of their lives. An alleged J.B.M. member was arrested for possession of a handgun while in the courtroom where a government witness was set to testify against Aaron Jones for allegedly shooting him. The witness, who was confined to a wheelchair after being shot 10 times in the arm, hip,chest and face recanted his testimony (for the time being). After a grand jury investigation, Aaron was re-arrested and the witness testified at the preliminary hearing with a sheriff�s deputy standing between him and Jones to prevent eye contact.

Now this really sounds like these brothers were ballin�- right? They were definitely puttin� their thing down, right? Now the trouble with all this information is that it came from government and media sources- who often exaggerate facts to justify the exorbitant amounts of money the government often spends investigating and prosecuting individuals. Let�s face it, it wouldn�t look good for the media to write a story about a drug dealer who was moving 1 kilo every month that the government spent thousands of man hours and hundreds of thousands to investigate- now would it? And it would be politically damaging for the government to admit that they investigated a brother for years (spending hundreds of thousands) and was able to get NOTHING on them. Now I am not trying to imply that there is absolutely no truth in what has been written about Aaron Jones and the J.B.M. because, I don�t know! No one knows but Aaron Jones and his real comrades- but over the last few years it seems like everyone wants to write their story.

Don Diva contacted Aaron to set the record straight and give him an opportunity to tell his truth. While it seems everyone wants to tell stories of the evil streets and make confessions, Aaron being a true Don, was very hesitant.
AJ: � I am very apprehensive about responding to your request�because you never know ones true intentions, ulterior motives behind things�So many people try to come at you with games, only to exploit you for financial purposes.�
There has been an explosion of books claiming to be about the �infamous� Aaron Jones and his comrades known as the J.B.M�all unauthorized and very inaccurate according to Jones. AJ: � I have nothing but contempt..

I hope that from reading this article it encourages you to write your state council, Philadelphia District Attorneys and whomever will be of some help to ensure that not only Aaron Jones but other black men as well that were given time without substantial and legitimate evidence a chance to present their cases fairly. Thanks for all of your constant support on my site and may God continuously bless you in everything that you do.....Peace...


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