April 3, 2011

Iverson Stopped In Lamborghini, Ciara and 50 Cent Sex Tape Rumor, and One on One Interview With Olivia From Love and Hip-Hop

Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel for team Charlie. Charlie began is one man comedy tour
in Detroit. Well, let's just say Charlie Sheen isn't winning. He was booed off the stage. He went as far as initiating a Q & A portion of the show. That didn't go well when he decided he wasn't going to answer most of the questions. Afterwards, the crowd grew angry and requested for their money to be returned. Eventually, he realized that he fouled up the place and left the stage for a "musical" break to not return afterwards. Way to go Charlie Sheen for proving the media right. You are an A--Hole.

Rumor has it that there is a sex tape with singer Ciara and ex-boy toy 50 Cent floating around the hands of some “hood dudes.” Mediatakeout.com reports that “Ciara is “s*ckin some [dude] off and [having unprotected sex]. You can’t see the [dude's] face, but he is built and sounds like 50.” The video is said to be very graphic but there is no confirmation that it is indeed Ci Ci. The perpetrators are asking for $ 50,000 in exchange for the video.
According, to TMZ police spotted a 2009 Lamborghini on the street with expired license plates causing them to pull the driver over. It turns out the Lambo belongs to former NBA star Allen Iverson who was inside. The sports car was impounded and A.I got a ticket! It is reported that his friends were following behind him in an even more impressive Rolls Royce.
Olivia from reality show, Love and Hip-Hop sit downs with Gossip magazine for an exclusive interview. She comments on her relationship with her fellow cast mates and inside scoop of the show and her personal life. Check out the interview here...

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