April 17, 2011

Did Khloe Cross The Line W/Lamar's Bestie/Business Partner and Is Mob Wives Just An Reality Knock Off Of The Sopranos

Sunday nights have just become exciting a daring for me. Khloe and Lamar Odom's reality show and Mob Wives. How cool is that? I told you guys that I am a reality show fanatic. If it was a crime I will be a constant offender. I love being able to judge other people's lives without them judging me for doing so. Yes it is true that the statement I just made was stupid. what is more stupid is that it made sense to me, anyway. Okay, here's a quick recap of Khloe and Lamar's show.

Personally, I think that Khloe might have crossed the line with the changing of the locks and accusing his best friend of taking advantage of him. However, I'm speaking from an unmarried point of view. Anyway, after viewing the clip I want you to give your opinion.

Now, this is the show to stay tuned in for. First episode and the drama begins. I already know who the drama queen is and who wants to play the Jackie from Sopranos role. I am truly pleased with this show and look forward to many more episodes to follow. For those of you that haven't had the opportunity to view it's entirely, I have a little treat below for you. Here on Only Rocky you will view the hottest moments on Mob Wives.
I hope that you guys enjoyed the tad bits that I've given you. Well, until we chat enjoy your evening.....Peace.....................


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