April 7, 2011

DJ Mister Cee Allegedly Arrested W/Transexual, Jim Jones Fiancee' and Fabulous Baby Mama Interview, and Make It Rain On The IRS And Pay Your Taxes Floyd Mayweather

Allegedly Wednesday March 30,2011 DJ Mister Cee was allegedly caught receiving a Monica Lewinsky inside his vehicle from a transexual male. They police labeled this as “public lewdness.” That even sound freaky. Of course, he's denying the allegations that someone else was inthe car with him. According to MTV's site he has attempted to redeem himself through tweets on twitter. Check out what he says. Time to clear my name NY .. Stand Up Brooklyn they shootin ( Haters ) this is my city you can't hurt me lets gooooooooo" Cee wrote via Twitter. "Never was i in a car with anyone when i was detained.. The facts will come out and show what is being reported is totally untrue" the damed DJ wrote.
Jim Jones girlfriend/Fiancee'/wife, Chrissy and Fabulous "I need to man up and marry this chick", Emily from Love and Hip-Hop spoke candidly about the editing of the reality show. They were unaware of how much of the show was being cut. So, you can just about imagine how it was before damage control. I would love to get my hands on that footage. I will love to see the actual fight of Jim Jones and Somaia's manager, Tatoo. View video below.

It's looking like Money Making Sonny, Floyd Mayweather that it is has got himself in deep water with the IRS for the second time. Apparently, the flamboyant boxer makes a habit out of not paying his taxes. This is the second time the fighter has been hit with a substantial non-payment tax bill. The first time In 2008, Floyd was hit with a $6.1 million tax bill. But he eventually worked out a payment plan with the feds for that one. This time he was just hit with a $3.4 million bill, reports the Detroit News, who discovered that the lien was for unpaid 2009 federal income taxes. So, all of that flossing is not going unnoticed to the infamous mob unit, FBI. Pay your sh#@!
Well, I'm glad that I was able to fix you early morning gossip fiends. However, there is more important things to do other than find out juice on hot celebrities. You know that's a lie. Until, the next idiot messes up.....Peace.....

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