April 2, 2011

Music Producer Make Disrespectful Accusations About Charli Baltimore, Lil Wayne And Drake May Be Parting Ways On Not So Friendly Terms, Toya Returns To The World Of Reality TV Without Tiny

I am so uncertain of whether or not I should post this. However, this is a celebrity gossip site and the forum is open for all discussions. As I look at this video I am more disgusted with the way this man is talking trash of a Philly Native Rapper, Charli Baltimore. It's demeaning, degrading, disrespectful, and anything that relates to vulgar. I don't care to know if it's true or not. Reason being that she is a mother and someone's daughter. I would like to know this guy's reason for this slander of her reputation. I encourage all to comment after viewing. However, I ask that you keep your comments respectful.

On to the next one. Allegedly, Drake was kicked out of Young Money after a heated argument with Lil Wayne and Baby. According to other gossip sites, tension has been fueling for a short time over unpaid royalties and Drake wanting to restructure his contract with Lil Wayne/Young Money. who was not on the bill but was apparently there to make a special appearance but refused to take the stage and all hell broke loose.
According to sources, during the argument, Drake screamed he was Young Money and if it wasn't for him, the label would have died while Wayne was locked down.
Weezy apparently became irate after the statement and replied, "This the thanks I get... We don't fuc*ing need you." Sources stated that a shoving match pursued before both securities stepped in.
No word yet on how this will turn out because of the paperwork but we've seen what happened with Young Buck as 50 shelved him despite having hot material proving sometimes its not about the money but the principal.
Well, I guess that Tiny is being publicized enough with her life in the media. Therefore, BET thought Toya's life would be more interesting and non-predictable. Check out the season's trailer for Toya's new reality show, "A Family Affair”.


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