May 27, 2010

Just Because It's The Right Thing To Do, Doesn't Make It Right For You

Sometimes, we make decisions based upon what "society" has ruled to be correct.  This is something that we all have been doing from generation thru generation.  This is what makes the human being so predictable.  It's okay to think outside the box.  It's okay to wear white after Labor Day.  It's okay to have sex before marriage. It's actually a good idea.  Hey, right to test drive before the purchase.  Wrong to demand a refund after the deal is sealed.  Now, you guys know that it wouldn't be me to keep this serious.  The point that I'm trying to make is this, just because we're taught the "right" thing to do......doesn't mean that it's right for you.  Thanks for following.  May you be blessed abundantly.  Peace.......

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