May 1, 2010

What effect does the recession have on you?

Ask yourself this question and think really hard before you answer.  Do you think that the recession raised eyebrows in the black community?  Have your income really changed as a result from the recession?  If so, was it a drastic change?

My take on this whole recession yadi yah is that the majority of the lower class black families weren't phased one bit by the so called "recession" at all.  The reality of this matter is that we've been living from paycheck to paycheck and dodging Peter to pay Paul.  If anything we were honored that our day to day living was given a title "Recession" .  Personally, I think that the "recession" has became a crutch to alot of us.  It's damn near the cause of everyone problems.  So they say anyway.  Why aren't you looking for a job?  Because its an recession and alot of companies aren't hiring.  Why are you always broke"  Because this recession has really taken a toll on me.  Why didn't you pay your rent?  Because of the recession I am running behind.  
People please stop using this word as a crutch.  It's like using the word "nigger"  He won't hire me because I am a nigger.  I got fired because I am a nigger.  I got arrested because I am a nigger.  Some of you are actually reading this an shaking your head but, I guarantee that you have or know someone that is taking advantage of the word "recession"  Listen, recess is a break, an intermission.  Your bills don't have an intermission and your life doesn't have an intermission.  Therefore, neither can we.  This isn't our recession.  People I thank you so much for taking time out to read my posts.  Be blessed.  Peace.......

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