May 13, 2010

When Should We Discipline Our Children?

There use to be a time when kids respected adults.  Now, I don't even want to look a teenager's way.  There was an incident in the Center City part of Philadelphia a few months ago.  During this incident a mob of teenagers both male and female attacked not only their peers but, adults as well.  Allegedly, 40-50 kids vandalized and stole from Macy's Department Store.  Once, the police arrived they arrested supposedly 14 teenagers but the majority were able to get away.  Okay, here is my take on this.  Who do we blame the parents or the state for giving kids rights?  I say both of them.  When I was growing up I couldn't get away with not a portion of the crap these kids are doing now.  I wouldn't even curse in public without being scared.  I was more scared of what will happen if my mother or grandmother heard me.  Alot of parents try to put the blame of a missing parent or that the kid just started acting like this.  That is a bunch of crap.  Your kid doesn't just start out the sweetest little angel and turn into a stone cold fool overnight.  There are signs and stages.  Alot of times, we laugh at the ignorant things that they do when they are three and four.  They might call you a Bitch and you think it's the cutest thing and you share it with the world.  The next four years, he/she calling you a slut ass whore and you're crying to a family member or close friend about how disrespectful he/she is.  Then, you want to send them away.  You created that monster by not addressing it when he was a toddler learning first words.  After seeing this clip I can guarantee you how this child is going to turn out.  God Darn the law and BEAT YOUR KID'S ASS when they get out of line.

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