May 15, 2010

Insecurities In Men

Women need to know that we aren't the only ones with insecurity issues.  Men do as well.  The thing about insecurity is that in women it's almost expected.  Where as to men, it's ignored.  Surprisingly, their insecurities are quite similar if not the same as women.  Insecurity plays a big part in emotions.  That is a topic that men despise to express.  It takes men longer to process complex emotional data.  When they do identify their feelings they lack the ability to express them.  They then take on a screw it mentality. Where as a women haven't the slightest hesitation in expressing theirs.  This plays a big part in men not being able to commit to a solid relationship.  They would prefer not to be loved than to be disrespected or feel inadequate.  Yeah, ladies men are some screwed up individuals.   Listed below are a few signs of an insecure man.

  • Abuse  Insecure men feel a need to control all situations.  For them, verbal or physical abuse is their only option to gain and maintain control. 
  • Trust    Most men with insecurity suffer from trust issues.  Mostly, this is a result from complications between a mother and son's relationship.  The first person besides God we learn to trust is our parents.  If you can't trust your mother it's almost impossible to trust any other female.
  • Fear   Fear plays such a big part in being insecure.  Men would rather hurt you before you hurt them.  The thought of a broken heart terrorizes them.  They fear that they would be humiliated if things doesn't work out. They fear what others think of them.  They fear failing. 
This isn't all the signs nor reasons for the lack of security in men.  However, I gave you the most important ones to look out for. Thank you guys so much for visiting my site and I look forward to reading your comments as always.

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