May 23, 2010


People with addictive personalities tend to be needy, clingy, and unstable.  They are uncertain of their positions in current situations.  They can be quite controlling.  Controlling meaning that they have to be the dictator in the relationship.  They want the rules to be set by them and for all parties to follow.  That isn't good because they're somewhat bullying their mate.  They are also very needy.  They need to speak with their mates at least 5(x)'s in a minute.  They need to be with them everyday.  They need to be told that they are beautiful or handsome.  They need to be reassured that their partner isn't going anywhere.  Most of all, they need to feel complete by someone else.  That characteristic itself can become fatal.  Because the first time that you forget to call you will be condemned.  The first time you express that you need a moment to yourself, you will raise suspicions of being a cheat.  The first time that you don't compliment them, they're gonna down themselves.  I think that being clingy is something that overshadows everything in a relationship.  You shouldn't want to be wrapped at your partner's waist at all times.  He/she deserves the right to be alone sometimes.  This doesn't mean that they don't love you but, it shows that they love themselves.  Personally, I think that being to clingy can turn fatal.  These are just brief characteristics of an addictive personality in a relationship.  All points are valid and if you notice them in your mate, then you need to ween them off slowly but surely.  This can turn detrimental for you and for them.  If you notice these characteristics before getting in a relationship, back of.  There is a big caution sign.  Take heed.  Thanks so much for supporting my site.  I hope that you enjoyed.  Be blessed.  Peace..........

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