May 8, 2010

Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Why Polygamy (Multiple Wives) Is Allowed In Islam?

Islam has allowed a man to marry more than one wife. This has been done for the purpose of solving many social and domestic problems, which a family is confronted with from time to time. Many are the times when the general welfare of both man and woman depends upon the husband marrying another wife.

The Wife has the right of being properly maintained by her husband and he is responsible for providing his wife with food, clothes, residence, medical treatment, adornment (as per his means) and other expenditures needed by the wife and becoming her social status, on one hand, and falling within the husband's financial means, on the other.

Okay, People by now you guys know that my brain is on a constant go with all types of crazy questions and subjects.  That is why I decided to start the blog to exercise these million thoughts that are swimming in my head.  Do you guys believe it should be legal to have more than one wife?  If so, what is your reasons?
Personally, I don't think that I would want to share my man.  But, I guess it has it's good points too.  You don't have to be bothered with his sorry ass 24/7.  I know calm down because that is a big one for me.  Stuff go wrong, you can blame it on the other wives.  You don't feel like cooking, make one of the other wives do it.  Come on, ladies let's have an open mind here.  I actually researched a few things about polygamy and posted a question on facebook regarding this topic.  I will love to hear you guys comments.

Naimah Thiswhatido Abdussamad   Yes I do the majority of men already cheat the men who can afford multiple households should be allowed legally 2 have multiple families the majority of them do it anyway and the women will accept being cheated on but won't accept the man having another wife

Bashay Kearney   No, if I can't be married to 2 men,then

Naimah Thiswhatido Abdussamad   Oh no Rocky....see I think the men should be able to have multiple because men are the providers... how many women will knowingly allow their baby fathers to sleep with them or sleep with married men or just men who have other girlfriends because regardless of what the men are providing for them? They the women are accepting being whatever number ... See More they are for whatever benefit they are receiving from that man. Now if he is married to both women they both know about each other the laws of this relationship is made clear he would have to equally provide for both and this way the mistress is not putting anyone in danger with sleeping with whoever she is sleeping with...Don't think that I am answering because of my Islamic perspective either. But I see soooooo many who knows they are either being cheated on or who are messing with men that are married who say they don't care and continue to mess with these men why not make him make the same commitment to you as he has to the other this way there is no messing around. you are getting your time equal and your provisions equally. Women will accept being a side jawn but not accept the fact that some men desire more than one women.

Damien Mosley  If its legal it must b right. Lol
Nard Esco   @ Rocky....... You can have 4!!!!!

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