May 3, 2010

Inside Scoop of The Basketball Wives

When I decided to write this blog I vowed not to gossip about celebrities. I wanted to do something different and funny. I didn't want to go in the direction of blasting other people's flaws and imperfections to gain notability. That isn't my style. However, vows are often broken.  I sort of became addicted to the new series "Basketball Wives".  This show gives you insight of what the wives and girlfriends of NBA players endure on a daily basis.  To some this may seem boring but, I love reality television.  But, another thing I learned from watching this show is that it all that appears to be glitter is not always gold. These chicks display cattiness, jealousy, dependent personalities and insecurity. 

The picture above is Shaquille Oneal's soon to ex-wife.  She serves as an executive producer for the show.  She really isn't on the show alot and now I can see why.  However, she does share a little of herself.  But, its very little.  I must say, Shaunie O'Neil is a class act.

This is Suzie Ketcham, the baby mama of basketball star Michael Olowokondi.  She is I guess the one they would call the wild child, party girl, etc.  I really don't have an opinion of her just yet but, I did like how she got her gangsta on last night and threw the drink in the chicks face.

This is Jennifer Williams.  She is married to NBA player Eric Williams.  All I am going to say is that he is a complete asshole.  He cheated and lacks respect for her and his marriage.  It's almost as if she has to prove her love for him to other people.  They are now working on getting their marriage back on track and honestly, I don't think that it's a good idea because they are with each other for reasons other than love.  He is arrogant and disrespectful and she shouldn't have to confront anyone about HER husband.    The chick literally made her look stupid.  "Do You Think That I am The Only Woman He Talks To?"  that's what the alleged mistress said to her. Okay, let's say it together "Pick Your Lip Up"  OMG, then the dude is horrible looking.  He looks like Preach from Cooley High with a thousand teeth in his mouth.

Evelyn, Evelyn, Evelyn.  That's all I can say right now.  "Hell to the no"  in my Whitney Houston's voice.  This chick is the ex-wife to NBA star Antoine Walker.  She is an all around hater.  She befriended Royce and talked smack about her behind her back.  That is a no-no in friendship.  The second no-no is how that she judged her.  Personally, I think that she is jealous of Royce and wishes that she could be free-spirited like Royce.  Behind the mean shoe game and designer clothes you have a little girl from the Bronx with low self-esteem. 

Gloria Govan will soon be married to  the league's upcoming star, Matt Barnes.  Her sister allegedly had an affair with Shaquille O'Neil.  She was basically targeted by the girls because of this and finds herself constantly trying to separate herself from the rumors of the alleged adultery her sister partake in.  I really like this girl in the beginning but, after last night show I find myself completely disgusted by her.  She is a snake that also has trust and security issues.  Royce reached out to her genuinely and she stabbed her in the back.  You are a slime bucket for that.

Okay, every reality show has that one person that all viewers favor.  "Yes,baby" in my Monique's voice.  Here's my favorite person on the show.

 This is Royce.  Royce is a dancer for professional basketball teams in both Miami and Orlando.  This is her craft and profession.  Every last one of these chicks talked alot of shit about Royce because her dancing.  They called this girl a hoe, slut, and etc.  I haven't heard this girl say not one bad thing about any of these whores.  She is a DANCER.  She dances professionally.  They have no right to judge this woman because she likes to drop it like its hot in the club.  So what, Royce doesn't have the problem its these hoes and their insecurities.   I can't wait to Royce snaps on all these hoes.  She is going to blow.  I can feel it and I hope I pay my cable bill to watch it. 

Well, that's your inside info on the new reality show Basketball Wives.  I know I talked mad shit about them but, I can't wait until next week for the new episode. 
Thanks for following my blog and Be Blessed.  Peace.

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