March 7, 2011

Look What The Cast Of Basketball Wives Has To Say After Fight

Okay I just want it known flat out that Evelyn may not be a whore. However, she displayed whorish tactics. Yes, the show ended with a blast and I loved every bit of the drama. First of all, I want Shaunie to stop acting as if she's the innocent one of the crew. Honestly, Shaunie and Royce are the biggest troublemakers on the show. This was Jennifer's night and once again Evelyn felt the need to make it about her as always. Tami had all rights to whoop Evelyn's ass and should have kicked Shaunie's ass too. Yup, two ass whoopings for the price of one. That was stank. Ladies let's be real that was totally inappropriate and Shaunie was looking for a finale to make a season return. Listen to this crap that Shaunie says like she didn't have anything to do with it.

All I am going to say that if I was Tami and I heard this conversation before the news of the stank sleeping with my ex-husband, I would've been livid. Okay, they just met a few months ago and this is their first face on face meeting. Dang, but she sleeps with him and announces it to the whole world that has cable of course. Blow by Blow no pun intended. Then, she gets her ass beat for sleeping with her girlfriend's ex-husband. SMH...This is soooooo not a good look, Evelyn. Sit back and watch guys.

Well, this is definitely a show that I am going to miss. They came in with a bang and left out with a Pow-Wow in Evelyn's words. So, I think I'm going to leave you with a laugh. What was Royce thinking with this cheap ass lingerie on? Thank you so much for all your support and may you be blessed abundantly.

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