March 6, 2011

Royce Talks Marriage

Royce Talks Marriage: "In this bonus clip from Episode 8 of Basketball Wives, Royce updates the girls on her relationship with Dwayne over lunch in Toledo, Spain."

Okay, I know that I am not the only one looking forward yet sad to see the finale of Basketball Wives. This episode has been the most anticipated episode to view. Mainly, because we all want to see Evelyn get that ass whooped by Tami. Evelyn is the least liked on the show. Although, Tami looks deranged when the two argue because the viewers had no idea where that argument escalated or even began from. Do I think that Tami will give Evelyn the business? Yes, but I'm hoping that Evelyn, Royce, and Shaunie get the business. Yes, I said it and I stand behind it 100%. Royce has become the biggest trouble maker out of all of them leaving Shaunie in instigator number 2. See Royce right out start shit where as Shaunie makes it seem like she is trying to squash the drama but instigates at the same time. Royce lost her damn mind if she marry that her new broke beau. Jennifer and Eric will hopefully work things out in their marriage. As for Gloria and Matt, good luck and she definitely owes Shaunie an ass whooping on site. As for Tami, hopefully she will get it together. I believe that her issues involve "self-esteem". Lack of self-esteem brings envy and jealousy. However, it still gives good tv. Hopefully, Susie will stop running her mouth so damn much and stand up to these hoes. Especially, Evelyn who is basically looking like an internet freak with the naked photos and all. Well, enjoy the bonus clip above and may you be blessed abundantly.

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