March 5, 2011

Meet You On The 34th Floor

For the last few weeks a variety of videos have been spreading through out the internet like cancer. Rivalry Philadelphia rap artists has used the internet and radio to demolish the reputation of Tommy "Butta" Hill from 90's rap group, The Ram Squad. Allegedly, Tommy was accused of taking the stand against cellmate Benjamin Bellman for plans of eliminating rival drug dealers. What Benjamin nor Tommy was aware of is that the cell was tapped. However, Tommy was threatened with the same amount of time that celly Benjamin Bellman was facing if he didn't testify. Some may call him a snitch, some may like to say that he isn't a ride or die nigga and some may say he is a coward. But, personally I think only an idiot would take a case for something that they didn't do in order to maintain street credibility. At the same time you call that man a snitch you have to call the other man a coward. A MAN would've stepped up and owned his responsibility when first approached about it. But, it's sad that our peers feel being separated from our children is cool. Only because he/she refused to expose the truth about something that they have nothing to do with. The worst part is that half the people gossiping or slandering his character have never been even close to the level that he is on. This leads me to believe that jealousy plays a big part in a lot of the allegations being made. Below is past articles submitted to the newspaper regarding the whole Tommy "Butta" Hill arrest. If you see the names listed that he is linked to, there is no way this man livelihood would not be in jeopardy if he is/was a snitch. Don't let jealousy and envy taint your soul. Regardless, Tommy "Butta" Hill has proven to take this all in stride and it's pretty much evident that he is building a force to be reckoned with. So stop hating, stop judging and jump aboard and accompany Mr.Hill to the 34th floor. Thank you guys so much for your continuous support and may you be blessed abundantly. Peace..........

Rapper held for trial on drug rap
Source: JIM
As top rapper for RAM Squad, a North Philly hip-hop group sponsored by no less than Philly mob boss Joey "Skinny Joey" Merlino, John Wilson seemed destined for success.
Alas, the rap group, also known as the Richard Allen Mob, proved to be a flop, much like mobster Merlino, who's serving a 14-year prison term for racketeering.
With his entertainment career on the downhill slide, Wilson, whose stage name was Tommy Hill, allegedly fell back on

A Philadelphia judge refused to lower bail yesterday for RAM Squad rapper and alleged drug dealer John Wilson after a prosecutor with a penchant for theatrics warned that the performer known as Tommy Hill was too great a flight risk.
In a gesture-rich monologue that earned him accolades from Municipal Court Judge Frank T. Brady, Assistant District Attorney Scott Sigman unleashed a torrent of opposition to a defense request that bail be dropped to $50,000 for Wilson, arrested Dec. 23 on
Published on 2003-12-31, Page B02, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)
Article 9 of 37; 864 words
RAM Squad rapper faces drug charges
Source: Maria Panaritis and George Anastasia INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS
A narcotics squad of Philadelphia police and FBI agents yesterday raided a house and arrested a rapper whose biggest career break was engineered a few years ago with help from South Philadelphia crime boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino.
John Wilson - whose stage name is Tommy Hill - of the Philadelphia group RAM Squad was charged with drug dealing and possession after officers raided the Northeast Philadelphia house where he reportedly had been conducting drug
Published on 2003-12-24, Page A01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)
Article 10 of 37; 2559 words
Group's lyrics, links interest authorities
Source: Maria Panaritis and George Anastasia INQUIRER STAFF WRITERS
They were the rap-world odd couple: the gangster and the gangsta.
Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino, the Passyunk Avenue celebrity mobster, and Tommy Hill, a rapper from North Philadelphia's Richard Allen Homes, got together in 1997.
The goal: Engineer a break-out music deal that could turn Hill's rap group RAM Squad into a cash cow.
The deal-maker: Merlino friend Stephen "Eppy" Epstein, the Ambler man
Published on 2003-12-21, Page A01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


  1. He still snitches in his rant videos. Anytime you name names you're talking too much. Jealousy? Maybe for some but I use to mess with him and he wants to call girls out that he slept with. Who does that? Dry snitching is what he does as well. His father is also a faggot! He thinks he is tough too! I just don't like when guys act gangsta but since when do real dudes make youtube videos talking about how much cash they have and what mob guys they are connected with? Only an idiot girly dude like Tommy. No Im not a bitter chic he left. I choose to deal with 9 to 5 carrying a briefcase to work kind of guy. Someone that files taxes and can make 6 figures without breaking the law. I wish him well but I also wish he just lives his life and stop trying to be this Tony Montana and just be Tommy!


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