March 28, 2011

Songbird Arrested and K-Weezy's New Squeezy

Now this is news that I don't even want to put out there. Oh what the heck, TMZ beat me to the punch anyway. Guess what Brown Sugar's babe was arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license? Shockingly, Angie Stone. She was release an hour after booking. At least, she didn't get caught with a male prostitute or drugs.
I see Kanye West like them kind of young. Sorry Amber Rose but, this chick looks more his speed. No drinking Henessey from the bottle with this former sweet sixteen star. Kanye was allegedly in a flirty relationship with Teyana Taylor from MTV's Sweet Sixteen. She was the pretty tom boyish girl with the wild and crazy hair and lavished skateboard party. According to an insider of Kanye's camp, two months ago, when Teyana and NBA player Brandon Jennings OFFICIALLY ended things, Kanye started seeing Teyana. I hope that this is true because they make a cute couple.

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