March 15, 2011

Amber Rose Gives An Exclusive With Jaime Foxxhole Radio/Chris Brown Speaks On Video Leakage/50Cent, Floyd Mayweather, And Rick Ross Baby Mother with Child Clowns Rick Ross

Right here on Only Rocky I give you an exclusive Amber Rose on Jamie Foxxhole interview. She talks about turning Kanye West out, the Grammy's scene, and much more. You have to like Amber Rose. She is MESSY. Well, messy in a good way. Well, here's something to take the edge off of your nosey selves.

On to a little more crazy. Chris Brown is finally speaking on his naked picture leak. He was on a radio show and gives blow by blow of how the naked picture got leaked. First of all, he has his hair blonde. But, for those of you who seen the picture he was not excited. I didn't see it but from many tabloids all I can say is an elephant trunk. Listen and laugh while listening to this interview. Okay, I must take it back. Rumors are false. It is so "NOT" an elephant trunk. It's more like a no.2 that have been sharpened repeatedly. Picture how short a pencil is when you continuously sharpen it. Look below:

Okay, I gave you crazy, hot , and sexy. Now, I'm going to give you straight disrespectful. In my opinion, 50 Cent constantly disrespects the b#@sh#! out of Rick Ross. 50 Cents is like a talented Suge Knight that's easier on the eyes. Rick pick your pants up, playa. He has Rick Ross's son and baby mother in his house clowning him. Actually, he's clowning her too. Watch and shake your head.

Well, it's been real people. Thank you in advance for visiting the site and don't forget to push follow on your way out. Be blessed all....

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