March 21, 2011

The Latest On Slim Thug, Killer Mike Dissing 50 Cent, and D'Angelo

Slim Thug has officially been hit with a lawsuit. Last March 29,2010 am man claimed that he was attacked by Slim Thug and another thug-ee. Clarence Evans was allegedly robbed and pistol whipped when arriving to his home for a business meeting. Stayve Jerome Thomas aka "Slim Thug" and Raymond Thomas III allegedly hit Clarence using the end of the a pistol moments upon entering his home. Defendants allegedly participated in the attack and directed the other attendees (co-Thug-ees) to attack Clarence Evans as well. Also, co-thug-ees were ordered to steal whatever money Clarence had in his pocket. This is just pure dumbness.
OMG....Did Killer Mike (wth is that) call 50 Cent out on stage? Yes sir, we both heard right. Killer Mike is allegedly stating that 50 Cent used the same beat as he used after hearing it. Well, let's see if Big Mouth has an answer for this guy. Although, I don't think he will.

Friday, finally wraps up the D'Angelo prostitution bust case. Brown Sugar pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Here's the past article to bring the case back to memory posted below.
Singer D'Angelo was arrested and charged with soliciting a prostitute on Saturday.

Police say the R&B crooner, most famous for his naked "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" video, was cruising in his Range Rover on Greenwich and Horatio Streets when he stopped a woman he took to be a prostitute. He then allegedly offered her $40 for oral sex.

The woman turned out to be an undercover cop and busted the singer.

D'Angelo, whose real name is Michael Archer, was also found to be carrying $12,000 in the back of his car.
Now, here's some humor to shed light on the situation.

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