March 10, 2011

We Are Beautiful People

As I channel surf and flip through various magazines I can't help but to notice how "we" meaning black people have fell short of embracing our original beauty. Every magazine or video chick you see is made to look artificially exotic. The really sad part is that this has became symbolic to many of us. In today's society, black women are expected to look like Beyonce', Halle Berry, Naomi Campbell, and the list goes on. By any means am I saying that they aren't beautiful women. However, they're are a lot more black women of celebrity status that are equally beautiful. Such as, Lauryn Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Lynn Whitfield, Angela Bassett, Tyra Banks and etc. I'm saying this to question society's opinions on black beauty. Even celebrity men won't be caught with around the way beauty. Very few celebrity men choose to be with women that they grew up with or knew when they didn't have anything. However, big shout outs to those that do such as Denzel Washington, Ice-Cube, LL Cool J, Samuel Jackson, and a handful of others. This is the start of self-consciousness. Black women especially find the need to purchase hair weaves, artificial nails, designer clothing, expensive make-up products and many more products that society has led us to believe will make us beautiful in society expectations. Truth is you can't purchase inner beauty. Inner beauty is rare and unique. I think that once we as women start embracing what it is that makes us beautiful then, society will view us as beautiful as well. If you match any of these women that I mentioned in this post against an ordinary everyday person, I'm positive you can find at loeast one thing that makes their beauty stand out more than the celebrity. Thank you so for visiting my blog and may you be blessed abundantly...Peace

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