March 22, 2011

Wendy Williams Two Left Feet, The Real Reason Usher and Tameka Don't Want Their Sex Tape Released, and Lil Romeo A Sex Symbol

Okay, beings as though Wendy Williams is my girl I refuse to give this any negative feedback. NOT, I have know idea what our talk show host diva was doing judging from last night clip of Dancing with the stars. But, you have to give her an "A" for effort. She tried that's all that count. Also, it's just the beginning. Wendy has also referred to herself for having two feet when it comes to dancing. Therefore, this is BIG for her. Check out the clip below.

According to popular gossip site Bossip, Lil Romeo has giving an interview to Vibe magazine discussing how to control cougars "you old whores that refuse to mess with a man who's not in the same daycare as your toddler", being a sex symbol and great advice to the kids. First, check out Lil Romeo's body and then the interview below.

If you could give advice to Diggy, Willow and Bieber, what would you say?

I give Justin Bieber a lot of advice because he’s definitely going through what I have in the past. I’d just tell them to not get pushed into doing something you don’t want to do and really enjoy this stage in your life because it’s your childhood. It’s going to be over sooner than later. You got to be respectful. You got to be a kid. Don’t rush. Don’t grow up too soon. And most importantly get your education whichever way.

Doesn’t look like you have to put much effort into being a sex symbol.

I can’t complain. It’s really weird because growing up I never really looked at myself as a sex symbol, I just always do me. I love working out and I guess it worked out for the better since I’m a workaholic. I love being healthy. It’s definitely kind of cool in a way, growing up being a younger sensation and now growing up into this adult world, but definitely being able to crossover to everybody –I have no complaints at all.

Are cougars on the hunt for you?

Definitely, I have older women coming up to me saying “You’re going to marry me and we’re never going to get divorced.”

People usually think Dancing With The Stars is for D-listers in need of extra fame. What made you comfortable with partaking?

They actually wanted me to do it on season 2. I was going to be the youngest person to do it, but I ended up hurting myself. They only had one more day left and I signed the contract and I was like ‘Dad can you please replace me?’ So my dad did it and he had only one day to rehearse. Me doing it now is perfect timing because I couldn’t film while doing basketball. A lot of people do this for fame or press, but I’m dancing with a purpose… to show kids that just like them I’m human and I’m doing something out of the box. I want kids to be OK with trying something new and I feel it always start with an example and if I can be that example and change a lot of these kids lives then why not?
Okay, sorry to make this article dirty. However, I must give you the latest on the Usher and ex-wife, Tamika sex tape allegedly floating around. Allegedly, the tape is wanted because it is showing the two engaging in a very not so compromising act. I will give you what Gossip is saying about the incident below. Please remember that this is allegedly.
We don’t know how we missed this detail, but apparently that quote from TMZ that:

The people in the video are both givers.

Is actually not a reference to “69″ or oral sex period — but instead suggests that the couple engages in pegging during the clip.

What is pegging you ask?

As it is generally understood, pegging is defined as a woman using a strap-on on her male partner for anal play. The name (and this touches on your followup) came from a poll conducted by Dan Savage a few years ago—a reader wrote in asking for a word to describe this then unnamed sexual practice, and pegging was the winning selection. (There were two other choices, but the only one I remember was bobbing.)
Well folks this brings us to an end. At least, until some dumb ass celebrity does something stupid in the next eight hours. However, I will like to say thank you for visiting the site and if you haven't already press the follow button on your way out. Peace....

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