March 20, 2011


For those of you that were big Making Of The Band fans you are probably curious as of what they are doing now. Well, E.Ness from the first season is starring in a movie named, Domestic. Uncertain, of when this movie hits the big screen or dvd but I do have a preview of the trailer for you. Check it out.....

Check out the funniest throwback interview with Michael Jordan on David Letterman. He was only 23yrs old. Talk about inspiration...

According to YBF gossip site, Wyclef Jean has been shot in the hand while riding through Port-au-Prince with friend Busta Rhymes. Wyclef Jean from former group, The Fugees was in his birth country to support presidential candidate, Michael Martelly. Wyclef was released from the hospital that same night but nothing else was said about the incident. Let me find out Wyclef was over there on some gorilla ish...
For those of you that will like to try their hand in acting production, Morgan Creek is look for someone talented to play Tupac Shakur in the autobiography of his life. All I can say on this one is they have to be a hell of an actor in order to emulate the great, Tupac Shakur.
Okay, Vh1 is set to air a new reality show in April named, "Mob Wives". Uncertain of all that intends to partake in this bafoonery. However, I do know for a fact that Sammy the Bull's aka (mob rat)'s daughter, Karen Gravano will be one of the main ladies in the spotlight. Allegedly, relatives of her father's past victims aren't too happy with her doing the show. I can see why they wouldn't be. I'm sorry but I don't find this the least bit intriguing. Reality TV is going overboard.
Now below will explain why everyone thinks the Chad Ochochinco and Evelyn Vasquez relationship is a big publicity scam. Now they're scheduled to air their own reality show out of the blue. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze, save it for David. Although, I can't wait until it airs. Definitely, worth setting the dvr up for the season's premiere.
Yesterday, Rob Kardashian celebrated his 24th birthday with sisters, family, and wait I'm the shit, Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. Although, he's perfect eye candy I'm sure everyone got tired of hearing about his worthnet. I'm just saying he can be a boisterous asshole. But, look at him. Rich and Sexy.
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