March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Gets Loose In The Dressing Room Booth, Full Ep.of Love And Hip-Hop, Lawrence Taylor Sentenced To Probation For Tricking Young Prostitute

Say it ain't so. Chris Brown done went domestic with a dressing room window after taping with GMA (Good Morning America). Maybe they had red curtains and it set him off. But, according to Robin Roberts she asked Chris before hand if it was okay to talk about the Rhianna issue. Cough (hhm) bullshit. I think that what she did was called reaching. She was reaching to turn a good interview into a rating booster. Shame on you, Robin. I'm still Team Breezy. Chris you winning. The hell with Charlie Sheen.

For my Love and Hip-Hop Fans, Kyeisha Andrews especially I hope you didn't miss last night's episode. It was good. However, I'm uncertain of how I feel about Jim Jones's mother. She sort of remind me of a woman that wants to control her son and run his relationship. But, she is funny as hell. I can literally look at her and see the neighbor that everyone from the hood grew up with that will curse your ass out if they had a little Mad Dog 20/20. Stop faking like you guys weren't thinking the same thing. But, I love Chrissy (his girlfriend). She is funny as hell. She definitely became my favorite. Here's the the episode below if you missed it.
I'm sorry but some things I can't blog about. Okay, I'm lying I just don't want to repeat how disgusting this may sound when it comes out. Former NFL player, Lawrence Taylor was sentenced probation today for sleeping with a 16 yr. old prostitute. Of course, he says that he didn't know she was 16yrs old. He thought that she was 19yrs old. Here's the article from The Hollywood Gossip Below.
The victim, whose name has not been released, appeared in court and hoped to make a statement along with her famed attorney, Gloria Allred.

The judge did not allow a victim statement, however, because he said they are not permitted for misdemeanor convictions, which this one was.

Taylor was arrested last May and maintained that the girl, who was a runaway, told him she was 19. He admitted to paying her $300 for sex.

Legally, it doesn't matter how old he thought she was. Statutory rape is what it implies. But Taylor was still given a fairly lenient sentence.

Prosecutors said LT was helpful providing information "in the field of human trafficking in several jurisdictions and with federal authorities."

Sad as it is that Lawrence Taylor could be helpful in that department, helping prevent future cases like this is a silver lining if nothing else.

Well, that's all folks. I'll catch you in a few hours. May you be blessed abundantly. Peace.............

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