March 6, 2011

Love & Hip Hop

As if we don't have enough reality shows airing, Love & Hip Hop will be airing tonight at 9:00pm on VHI. Not only do I appreciate the bafoonery, I welcome the re-assurance that reality tv provides. These shows definitely inform viewers like myself that my life doesn't suck after all. You have artists such as, Swizz Beatz's ex-wife/baby mama, MaShonda, Fabulous's girlfriend/baby mama, Emily B, Jim Jones's wife, Chrissy, Joe Budden's girlfriend, Somaya Reece and Olivia....(pregnant pause) O who?????????????????????????????? Okay, Olivia is/was signed to G-Unit (50 cents record label). I'm uncertain of why she is on the show. Hhm, she was dating John Legend's brother if that counts for anything. John Legend did make the imaginary hairline famous. After viewing the trailer of this new reality show, I know that this is definitely marked at the top of a Must see reality show list. You even have the celebrity mothers on here getting gangster. From just a sneak peek of the show, I came to the conclusion that Basketball Wives might have a run for their money. A lot of stuff will be revealed because I had no idea that Fabulous wasn't single. Mainly, because he reiterates it constantly in his music. Well, I have a treat for you guys being so supportive of my site. Press play and look at the sneak peak of the season clips for Love & Hip Hop. Thank you so much and may God bless you continuously...Peace..

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