March 12, 2011

Testing Positive For Charlie Sheen

I know that everyone is tired of hearing or witnessing the antics of Charlie Sheen. However, Charlie Sheen topics are in demand like crack to a crack head. No pun intended, Charlie. But, this has to be the funniest of Charlie Sheen's tirade. Sit back and be ready to laugh like you've never laughed before.

Now I know that the gossip posted on the blog may not be new to busy body readers on here. But, this information listed below have me sitting with my mouth wide open. Snoop from the most popular showtime drama, The Wire has been arrested in a drug bust. I know talk about getting into the character. Check the footage out on this below.

Now to the dumbest celebrity that lives. Watch the video, you are going to love this one. Thank you so much visiting the blog. I appreciate each of you and request that you press the follow button. May you all be blessed abundantly...Peace..

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