March 14, 2011

Hear It First Evelyn Resigning Rumors, Royce Dishes The Dirt, and Usher Takes It Off, Literally

First of all, let me inform you guys about how allegedly Diva, Evelyn from Basketball Wives might not return next season if she isn't paid $20,000.00 per episode. Okay, if they give her what she's requesting I'm going to need to see $20,000.00 Monica Lewintsky episodes from her. I'm sorry but, (sigh) come on Ev-e-lyn. Your brain isn't that developed. Also, the rumors about Royce being replaced by Chris Bosh's baby's mother is completely FALSE. Allegedly, he isn't having his daughter's mother putting their business out there. But, let me give you a taste of Royce's interview with TT Torez

Moving on to some actually juicy gossip is Usher and Ex-Wife, Tameka's sex tape. OMG....I would love to get my hands on that. Whatever, don't judge me. You and I both know that if I had a sneak peak of that you would've pushed play so fast. Yup, I may not have the tape but I do have the gossip according to TMZ. Please read on............

A sex tape starring Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, is being shopped around TMZ has learned. Sources close to Usher — without specifically admitting the existence of a sex tape, believe this video could have been among the things Usher had stolen out of his car back in December 2009. Usher reported more than $ 1,000,000 worth of jewelry and electronics taken — including two laptop computers.

But, wait there is more.........Tamika and Usher are BOTH GIVERS. DOWNTOWN THAT'S THE WAY TO MY HEART. UP AND DOWN... Sorry I was having a SWV moment.

Well, that isn't all that I have for you. However, that is all that I am going to give you for this evening. Trust we will return tomorrow with a lot of juices to get you flowing. Thank you all for visiting and may you be blessed abundantly. Peace.............

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