March 16, 2011

Whitney Houston Ships Bobbi Kristina Off To Rehab, Shaunie Shares Her Opinion On Shaq and Hoopz, Lauren London and Wayne's baby pics, Oh and The Man That's Introducing Himself To Her Neighbors

Okay, we are going to get it popping beginning with Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina being pushed off to rehab for an alleged cocaine addiction. I really don't want to give too much of an opinion because at the end of the day she is Whitney's baby. My heart goes out to them. Here's the story below...SMH....

Crushed by our report that her daughter – known to friends as “Krissi” – is hopelessly addicted to cocaine and alcohol, Whitney begged her: “Don’t let drugs ruin your life the way they ruined mine,” sources say.

The Grammy-winning diva and her ex-husband, Krissi’s father Bobby Brown, are blaming each other for their only child’s problems, according to insiders.

“Whitney was devastated over the photos showing Krissi using cocaine, and The ENQUIRER story that quoted her telling friends, ‘I’m just like my mother,’” a friend divulged.
“She called a family meeting and sobbed as she told Krissi, ‘I don’t want to lose you.’”

The singer, 47, also canceled plans to celebrate Krissi’s 18th birthday on March 4 in Atlantis, the luxury resort in the Bahamas, the source revealed.

“Whitney called Bobby, and they agreed that Krissi needs rehab,” the friend said. “They also agreed on a tough-love move to shake Krissi up, and Whitney returned a Lexus convertible that she’d bought for Krissi’s birthday.”

Despite her parents’ decision, Krissi is fighting the idea of rehab, said the source.

“Krissi is denying that she has a problem. She says that she does cocaine for fun and isn’t addicted,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Whitney and Bobby – who have both battled serious drug habits – are blaming each other for Krissi’s problems, sources say.

“Bobby reminded Whitney that she used to have drugs all over their house,” a friend divulged.
“He also accused her of being ‘coked up’ in public, looking like a mess and setting a bad example all along to their daughter,” the friend said.

But “The Bodyguard” star was quick to snap back at her bad boy ex, said the source.

“Whitney told Bobby that he did drugs too and got into more legal trouble than she ever did,” the friend said.

Bobby, 42, has been arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, driving without a license, probation violations and misdemeanor battery for slapping Whitney.
The former “New Edition” singer, who has five children with four different women, has also been dragged into court numerous times for failure to pay child support.

“Bobby and Whitney are pointing fingers at each other, but the truth is that they’re both responsible. Krissi has been around while her parents and their friends were drinking and drugging ever since she was a little girl,” said another pal.

Krissi was only 12 when she was photographed drinking from a wine glass as her parents looked on.

In 2008 she was admitted to a psychiatric ward after attempting to slash her wrists with a razor blade. As The ENQUIRER reported, Krissi’s suicide bid came after she tried to stab her mother during a heated argument.

Now, I know that you all are probably tired to death of The Basketball Wive's Drama. However, I have a little footage regarding the fight, Royce and the cattiness, and sit down for this one. Shaunie talks about the whole Shaquille and Hoopz engagement talk. Watch below.

Well, they say loose lips sink ships. I wonder does that saying counts for camera lens as well. I guess it does when it comes to Lauren London and Lil'Wayne. Damn, I thought the baby will literally be Baby's age before we seen him. Check the flick below..
Guess what yall? This isn't even her baby. We have been bamboozled. We have officially been had. It's okay though. Because I know who is chopping that lumber down. Yup, you guessed it. Allegedly, Trey Songs is introducing himself to her neighbors.

Well, it's been fun and I gave you all a lot to gossip about. I thank you in advance for visiting again and don't forget to press the follow button on your way out....Peace....


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