March 3, 2011

Tommy Butta Rebuttal Regarding Walmart Purse Snatching

Recently a video circulated through the Internet involving Philly own, Tommy "Butta" Hill snatching a women's purse. How authentic the contents are regarding the incident to me is unknown. But, I will say that he is being attacked verbally and mentally by fellow Philadelphia rappers. Truth be told, I think that he's very talented and not enough Philly rappers are recognized for anything other than bad. I think that if it had been another era the blatant disrespect that some of these men on here are slandering him with it wouldn't fly too well. Nor, will they come out of their mouth with the disrespectful insults. I posted the rebuttal regarding the Walmart Incident and ask that you view before judging. Thank you guys so much for supporting my blogs.

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  1. He is a snitch!!! I don' care what he says! A rat is a rat is a rat! That's why Philly rappers don't like him. It has nothing to do with his rapping skills.


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